The main problem with humans is that they live in the past. They compare everything they do with something from the past. In a way, their present, as well as their future, is an extension of their history.
There is no doubt that the humans are the most intelligent species on this planet. However, the humans have many severe limitations. One of them is fear or that we call as ‘anxiety.’
The main problem with humans is the ego. You can see this trait in every human being. Some people have bloated egos whereas some have mild ones. However, the sense of “I,” “me,” and “myself’ can ruin human relations to the point of no return.
Managing human resources is an art. It comes naturally to some people. However, one has to brush up the skill frequently. It is because the people, as well as their preferences, keep on changing.
It is a competitive world out there. The youngsters of today are admittedly having a tough time adjusting to the competition.
Life is a challenge. Face it and accept it. In today’s competitive world, one has to be ahead of the competition at all times to succeed in life.
Having a great personality to go along with your attitude is the key to success in any endeavor. By personality, we do not refer to the external or physical personality.
Interpersonal relationships have a great significance in the emotional and psychological development of the individual. Many people in the world fall short on this score.
There are various aspects of life. One is offering the right kind of help and guidance to people. The main thing is that one should not overdo it. The Landmark Forum believes in defining such limits.
Arguing with people and forcing your opinion is not the right way to develop human relations. Landmark Forum advocates forgetting the grudges and forging good relationships with others in life.
A positive attitude can take you ahead in life. Negative thoughts can only bring you down within no time. Therefore, Landmark Forum does not believe in people harboring negative feelings.
Religions have nothing to do with any of Landmark Forum’s courses. There are intersecting points because the Forum treads upon psychological issues. You have religion dealing with such topics as well.