Jiva Ayurveda is from Faridabad
Jiva Ayurveda treats diseases with various effective herbs and they also believe that along with these herbs or home remedies one must also opt for a healthy lifestyle as following an unhealthy lifestyle is actually the reason for such diseases.
Yoga is known to decrease anxiety, depression and perk up GABA levels.It’s natural for a person to feel depressed and anxious when suffering from this condition.
In the ancient times, baking soda was used as soother and cleanser. Even today, when suffering from skin disorders like Urticaria, baking soda is so widely used.
Banana flower is popular for its ability to provide soothing effect during poor health conditions. In case of menorrhagia it’s beneficial because it controls excessive bleeding by increasing the levels of progesterone. It can be taken with a cup of curd everyday for relief.
Green tea has been getting very popular lately because of its ability to shed weight due to the presence of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a property that helps in trimming down weight by absorbing the fat.
To get relief from the sciatica pain, you can hot compress around the points that are in distress. Its effective as the process declines inflammation and the nerves are relaxed.
If you are wondering how kidney stone can be removed, here we are going to discuss the natural remedies for kidney stone treatment with jiva ayurveda.
It’s normally advised to apply coconut oil there as it has the ability to fight such skin problems. For extreme dry and patchy skin, coconut oil is highly beneficial as it moisturises and protects the skin. For eczema treatment, coconut oil is highly beneficial.
It’s known for its anti – inflammatory properties that makes it a remedy for almost all disorders. For anal fistula treatment, turmeric can be very effective in reducing severe inflammation and pain at the site of the fisula.
The causes of migraine are numerous such as suppression of natural urges, indigestion, intake of polluted food, oily and spicy food, disrupted state of mind anger, jealousy, grief, stress etc.
It common cause ofTonsillitis is an infection which may be viral or bacterial where the tonsils appear red in color. The tonsillitis treatment is crucial to avoid breathing difficulties and obstructive sleep apnea.
It prevents the allergens from entering the body performing a nasal saline rinse which is considered as an effective allergy treatment. You should go for it.