Whether you’re a manager or the team member, the most irritating thing regarding your job is a toxic environment. If you’re surrounded by negative people, it harms your motivation as productivity. Being a manager it is your responsibility to handle such environment and facilitate your employees. By toxic environment, we simply mean to have an atmosphere with disturbance and interruptions that may cause serious productivity loss. There is no doubt that almost every jobs stuck for some specific time period but if your employee is facing negative or toxic environment, they’ll not be able to enjoy the job as it should be. They’re finding the coworkers dragging them down and the policies of micromanager are annoyed. They’re finding the end of the day as the best time. The situation is alarming. Staff management system shares the productivity report of employees. If you’re continuously finding that the productivity level of potential employee is getting down, this is a time to figuring out the reason. Being a manager it is your responsibility to find out whether the environment of your workplace is really toxic or not. It may harm your potential and productive employee, so you should be well aware of it.