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Dentistry that founded on the values of honesty, transparency, happiness, loyalty, and accessibility. - Apple Blossom Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry An attractive face is not achieved without an attractive smile. You can always cover up your blemished skin with concealers and make-up.
Brushing and flossing are dental rituals that make your teeth clean and cavity-free. They are the daily routine that you have to follow religiously. However, they are not the only way to have a healthy teeth and gums. The foods you eat contributes well to the quality of your teeth especially when you reach old age.

It is still not a common public knowledge that there is a connection of your physical health and gum disease or periodontal disease. It is proven already that having a poor dental hygiene habits is connected to developing serious disease. This is because the gums are made up of vascular tissues that have a lot of blood vessels which can be an entry point of bacteria going to your circulatory system.