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The most magical site ever

    The earthquake is one of the worst natural disasters. Over the last millennium the number of deaths exceeds five million people.
In Japanese culture there is a huge number of spirits, demons and magical creatures. Especially Japan is famous for its evil spirits, stories about them can put fear even at the bravest people.

It is believed that ghosts are souls of people that for some reason can not find peace and leave the world of the living. Ghost does not have a body, it is a bundle of energy that occurs after death. Emotions and thoughts that one feels at the time of death are very important, they are the main goal of a phantom and determine its behavior.

    The distinctive feature of mankind is his striving for knowledge. We desire to know ourselves, to explore the world around us, to investigate our planet, and even to research outer space. Mankind has made a huge number of discoveries, and to record all the knowledge on paper, we would have to cut down all the forests of South America for its production. Nevertheless, the scope of the unknown is much bigger. There are many questions and when people solve them, they will be able to significantly improve their lives, to cure fatal diseases, to maintain the balance of nature and much more.
    There are moments in our life when we really need something to be done or we just want something to be our way, but unfortunately it is impossible. Then you just remember some fairytale or magic story, where character could just pronounce some special words or even not that special, maybe it was just some wish and everything he/she said came true. Imagine how great would be to do the same in real life. You just say “Abracadabra” and everything happens as you want. You may think it’s not possible, but it’s not true. Let me tell you about great power of enchantment.
    Good and usually cheerful guardian of the house and of everyone who lives in it people call - hobgoblin. Mostly people that saw him say that he looks like a little old man with a long white beard.
    The “Magic” – this word has a definition that usually means a system of thinking that allows a person apply to secret forces of universe or other occult knowledge to have an influence on events that are happening in the real time. This influence can be showed in a different ways like changing of future, changing of matter, effect on peoples mind and others.
    Mystic and mystery surround us every day. Mystical things and events happening to us are not always clear to us. However, many people still believe in the paranormal nature and various paranormal phenomena.
    Do you often see the same dream but do not understand what it means, or you cannot remember it? Want to find out and to understand what special meaning this dream carries for you? Then it is necessary to turn to psychology and to analyze in details the principles of how and why eventually people have dreams and see dreams when the sleep? Is the dream psychological result of the activity of our brain or it is intuitive thinking, or it is something magic and mystical? Can you picture to yourself that the dream is only your secret fairyland and you running into it every night just to get res
    Looking for a New Year’s mood? Forgot what magic and mystery are? This top is for those people who had already lost their faith in miracles. Why we’ve made this top? Because until the New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve left just a short time and we all need a sip of a miracle and mysterious events. Do you want to tune up yourself and your friends? We created a top of 5 movies that will bring you into magical world of faery and other magical creatures.
    The theme of vampires in film at the moment is one of the most popular is not surprising that everyone is interested, who is considered as the best actor to play a vampire. Here are the top 10 best actors who have assumed this role.
 Witchcraft, magic, spells and incantations - all this is a pretty broad topic, which is often used in the movies. Who as a child did not want to become a magician, have unique supernatural powers or practice some magic? Not all our dreams remain to stay in the youth, some dreams we take with us into adulthood.