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The most magical site ever

    You can find different forums where women of different age share there stories and ask for advice. There are lots of topics but nonreciprocal love is the most popular.
    Everyone knows who is wizard. He is a man that can magic, and he can be good or evil. There are many stories and fairies about magicians. But have they existed and can we find them in modern life is unknown. But what is for sure, you can see them on a screen. There are lot of movies and cartoons all over the world. Some of them became really popular and made their heroes famous.
    Man always strives to understand himself and the world around. Every day scientists make discoveries, explore the unknown, observe, study, and learn the essence. Modern technologies make this task much easier. But still there is huge number of mysteries of the Earth.
 “- Charlie, Charlie are you here?” with this phrase new popular game starts. You may think it sounds like words from horror movie and you will be right. This game is not just silly children trick.
  Science can tell us about past, present and future of our planet. We can explain so many difficult processes, predict weather, see atoms, and create energy and we know all that stuff that was discovered by human during his evolution. But we still do not know much about spirit world. Someone prefer not to think about it too much, other one without doubts will tell you that ghost or poltergeist is artifice or “participant of the Halloween party”. When strange sounds do not let sleep, when personal stuff travel round apartment by itself  and other similar incidents bother people repeatedly, th
   In everyday life people with mental disorders must to limit themselves forcibly in some things. The fear manages them.
   In different times people were interested about everything that was fanned by mysteries and mysticism.
 Talisman - a magical thing that brings happiness and good luck, protects its owner from danger, improves mood. Objects made by man and natural objects can be used as mascot (the precious or semi-precious stones, shells, roots).