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The most magical site ever

    In different countries of the world traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year vary widely, but they are similar in one - waiting for a miracle occurs in everyone, regardless of nationality, age, and gender. And the most important supplier of happiness is Santa Claus - the gray-haired old man, who comes on New Year's Eve in every home, giving welcome gifts - each according to the merit. In every country, there is a magician of Christmas and New Year and his prototype could be unexpected characters. Well, let's see?!
What do the ancient magical manuscripts contain?

It is a belief in the possibility of the submission to your will of natural or supernatural powers shared by all peoples of the world in ancient times and the middle Ages.
    From time to time in our lives we have to deal with panic attacks and stresses. How to cooperate with yourself in this case?
     Magical abilities are probably the most impossible dream for many different people. However, do not despair and give up, because become a sorcerer is quite real thing.
We've used to that movies about spirits and ghosts are usually horror movies, thrillers and detective stories. But why a movie where a ghost is in the leading role cannot be funny, cheerful and positive? In fact, why not, for all who are interested in the topic of ghosts, mysticism, magic and the supernatural, but who wants to laugh and to spend a great evening, we have created the top best comedies about ghosts.
    Brownies - are often a good spirits, who live with you to protect your home. Such creatures basically cannot live alone, by themselves, so for a long time  coexist with people, defending their home, protecting tenants from harm and evil creatures and bad spirits.
    Since ancient times it was believed that the magic is the subject only for women. That is why during the entire history of the witch hunt, the men hanged and burned as warlocks were not as much as women, who indiscriminately were sent on fire and burnt. However, it is men who became the ancestors of the magical arts in the modern history. Who were the greatest magicians, wizards and soothsayers in the history and how they have influenced the further development of magic and esoteric? This and even more you can find in the article below.
    The desire to get something that you cannot have, to go back into the past life, to talk with the dead, to cast a curse, to gain power, to earn a lot of money, to fall in love with someone else – these are all incantations, which are contained in the most unusual books - Grimoire. Grimoire - is a special book in which are kept secrets from the public eye all the most powerful spells, able to fulfill any desire. Today, there are a dozen different Grimoires, but in our list you will find the most unusual and unique grimoire. We do not recommend to try the patience of the universe, as we all
    Every mythology and religion has in its hands a set of different sayings and proverbs, stories about good and evil spirit that explain the fundamentals and rules right from the point of view of the religion behavior. And, of course, this parable is a wise and smart way how to teach people to be honest, respectful, not to commit crimes or sins. So, here is a list of the most unusual and thrilling spirits from the all old religions. They are carefully watch after what are you doing and just waiting for a coming chance to pay you of everything that you have done in your life.
Probably it is not possible to find a person who would not like to see a focus. To see the magic of illusion will be interesting for everyone, from child to old man. The conjurer knows how to create a unique atmosphere of mysteries and enchanting show for his audience.

Chupacabra story begins in 1950 in Puerto Rico. There local farmers noticed that their livestock was dying in mysterious circumstances. Something was killing them en masse at night, in the morning owners were finding animal’s bodies completely bloodless.
Every year several hundred thousands of earthquakes occur on our planet. Most of them are so small and insignificant that they can only be captured by special sensors. But there are also more serious fluctuations: twice a month the earth crust shakes hard enough to destroy everything around.