“It’s too late or too early to come up with an estate plan.” Many clients do not really acknowledge estate planning until it is too late. If you are 45, you should begin long-term care estate planning now. Only in this way, you can have a protected old age without any hassles on yourself or a burden on your family.


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    At Asset Protection and Elder Law Center, Shaffer and Phancao have complete control -- and control means “not having to ever worry about your future again,” she says. It means having protection from the court -- and saving thousands of dollars in legal expenses in the long run. “This is the best position to be in with the law when it comes to trusts. You don’t want to wait until the [bleep] hits the fan,” Shaffer says with a laugh. “By then, it’s too late. It’s about being proactive. It’s about being prepared, organized and thorough.”

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