Keep in mind that transmutation agreements are not exempt from fraudulent transfers. Meaning there are a lot of things asset protection attorneys disagree about, but they are unanimous that timing is everything. In order for a transmutation agreement to be valid, it must be in writing, recorded, and prior to any lawsuits.


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    Our California asset protection lawyers will also protect your finances, real property, and other assets in such a way as to minimize their exposure to potential creditors. When your wealth is shielded by a trust or other entity, creditors will be dissuaded by the fact that you own very little assets under your personal or business name.

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    A Family Limited Partnership can be defined as a form of ownership that can be used to transfer land or other assets from one generation to the next. Pretty sexy definition right? But let us look at its use in real life. Let’s say we are dealing with a business owner, whether that individual is a real estate investor, physician, or any other profession would not make a difference.

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