There used to be a time when footwear was used synonymously with the brand name Bata. The quality was unbeatable and the consistency unmatchable. Then, things went downhill for the footwear giants. Like everything that fails to evolve, they were on the verge of being obsolete.

The once a behemoth brand, however, realized its mistake sooner rather than later and is back with a bang with its come be surprised campaign. The brand made a bold move by involving Kriti Sanon, who can unanimously be considered a youth icon in the country to endorse the new age fashion label of the brand. The catch, however, is that Kriti does not even once appear to be a brand ambassador but a part of the common crowd awed by the fashion quotient overhaul of the trusted brand. The campaign shows Kriti walking into a Bata store reminiscing about her old school days when the Bata school shoes used to be a rage. The next scene shows her being taken aback and mesmerized at the same time by the new range of red-label Bata shoes in the store. It was a bold step by the footwear giant given it has acknowledged the fronts it was lagging behind in and made it a point to make amends when it made a comeback.


  1. KaushikStraction 67 days ago Permalink

    Good rebranding initiative. And definitely the new styles and approach looks "bold". All the very best to the brand that has been part of Indians since many years now.

  2. GeriSox 67 days ago Permalink

    Liking the new styles. Good.

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